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Training with IDG Dressage


Here at IDG we aim to offer a wide range of training events for our members (and some are open to non-members too).


From lessons with an Olympic gold medallist to test training with BD listed judges, a summer Camp with three different trainers (further details on the Camp page of this website), Pole work/jumping sessions, Dressage to Music, Rein contact clinics to Drill riding…we try to cater for all!


We are also always open to new suggestions/requests from our members, if we can organise it we will.

Current trainers we use include: Simon Laurens (para Olympic gold medallist and BD listed judge), Martyne Galland (BD listed Judge), Sheena Grierson (BD listed judge and competing at PSG), Debbie Beasant (successful dressage rider and trainer) and Hala Bentley (our Dressage to Music expert)


Our aim is to provide a platform for our members to help improve their skills and achieve their goals.


Committee member Sheena Grierson is responsible for organising all our training and can be contacted via email:

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