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Rider Fitness Training & Massage

Aches, pains, stressed out, lack flexibility or perhaps struggling to improve your horse riding and proSCAgress to the next level?


It takes a lot of strength and stamina to ride a horse and compete at any sort of level and therefore important that we as riders work on our own health and fitness as much as we do our horses.

Specifically programmed regular exercise could not only improve your mood, health and wellbeing but help improve your horses’ performance and help strengthen your partnership.


As a fully qualified Sports Therapist, Personal Trainer and horse-rider I understand the demands placed on the equestrian athlete and work with riders of all abilities from the happy hack to International Event Rider Charlotte Agnew.


I individually assess your needs and tailor make each program specific to you, your goals and any problem areas you may have. You do not need any experience/minimum level of fitness just a hunger to improve and I will provide you with all the tools necessarily to do so, whilst making it fun and enjoyable!


Alongside Personal Training I am also qualified as a Sports Therapist/Masseuse and find the training and massage together brings excellent results for clients, particularly in those suffering with bad backs, lack of mobility/flexibility and poor posture. We often get used to being tight/’wonky’ but we as riders if we neglect to look after ourselves are often the reason behind our horse favouring one side or having to regularly spend a lot of money on the equine physio to put our horses right.


I work from my house in Steventon, Nr Didcot but will also happily travel to you as a large proportion of my equipment is portable so all you need is a little space (enough to fit an exercise mat is workable!)


Prices start from just £30 with a range of packages available to suit every rider/budget – but to discuss more/how I can help you please do not hestitate to contact Sinead on 07788 272797 or email

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