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IDG Dressage run a series of six unaffiliated Dressage shows a year, five of which are open to all (including our Championship Show) and one that is exclusively for our members in July. All are shows are run under BD rules and using BD listed judges.

Our aim is to encourage everyone to take part in our shows and enjoy themselves and to try to progress up through the levels at a pace they feel comfortable with.

We split our classes into Open and Restricted sections with each competitor required to specify whether they are Open or Restricted in each class they enter. Failure to do this means they will automatically be entered in the Open section. 


Are you restricted or open?

The IDG shows are intended to help riders of all abilities and experience.  Within our classes we have Restricted and Open sections.

The purpose of the Restricted sections is to give inexperienced riders a level of competition that allows them to feel comfortable competing with others of the same level.

We ask that riders should self regulate and not compete at Restricted if they have;

  1. Ridden or competed 2 levels above that of the class entered,  in any competition,  RC, PC or BD.  Also the corresponding  levels at BE.

  2. Won any of the IDG League Championships at the level entered.

  3. Won BD points at the level or above.  For BE the rider should have no points.

Horse experience is not relevant.

Open classes are for more experienced riders to compete young/inexperienced horses,  as well as more established combinations.


We also run a league that every member has the opportunity of gaining points for every time they compete (even if they don't actually get placed in their class, dependent on the number of entrants - see League Table Page for further info). At the end of the season each member with the most points in their section winning the league trophy for the year.


We also like to encourage members to help out at shows its a great way to gain knowledge of what it involved and also learn what the judges are looking for in a test if writing for the judges. As a thank you to anyone who helps us out for a full day at a show we offer a voucher for £4 off an entry to one of our shows, or for any non riding helpers we reward you with a box of chocolates!!

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