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Upcoming Events

Please find all our upcoming events. IDG offers shows, training clinics and interesting talks throughout the year.

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IDG Dressage runs a series of unaffiliated Dressage shows each year, this includes both traditional shows and virtual online shows. All are shows are run under BD rules and using BD listed judges. 

Summer Virtual Show

Showcase your dressage talents from the comfort of your own arena in our Summer Virtual Dressage Show! Open to riders of all levels, this online event offers a unique opportunity to receive professional feedback, and compete for some lovely ribbons.

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Training Clinics

We host many clinics and opportunities for training throughout the year, these are with specially selected knowledgable and experienced trainers. 

IDG Open BD New Test Training - Sunday 19 May 2024

With the introduction of new tests from British Dressage this year we are offering the chance to practice a test under competition conditions followed by discussions with the judge and the option to repeat the test. 


Simon Laurens Training Clinic - Friday 31 May 2024

Join us for a clinic with Simon Laurens, Paralympic Gold Medallist, BD Judge, and Trainer. 

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Sheena Grierson Pole Clinic - Sunday 16 June 2024

Improve balance, rhythm, and coordination through innovative pole exercises with expert instruction from Sheena Grierson. Sheena is a BD List 5 Judge, has competed up to Inter 1 Dressage, evented at international level, and trains horses and riders of all levels and abilities.

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Now and then we have the privilege of hosting an interesting guest speaker for a talk.

Keep an eye out for upcoming talks

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